The Fellowship “photo-shoot” (Picture; Andy Handley, MKNEWS. )

Riding to Fight Leukaemia

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A while ago three of us got together over a few drinks (this bit becomes important later) to come up with a challenge to help raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust

This is a great charity that fights to cure sufferers of blood and bone cancers such as Leukaemia.

Being enthusiastic cyclists, we settled on Land’s End to John O’Groats as a hard, but hopefully achievable challenge. Then, those drinks came into play and suddenly in an act of bravado/stupidity, the phrase “via the 3 Peaks” was added to the challenge.

So now Rich, Nick and Jon, “The Fellowship of the Chain Ring”, are embarking on the ride of our lives on 07 June 2014 in the hope of raising a lot of money for Anthony Nolan and hopefully encouraging a few people to sign up to the bone marrow register.

We have set ourselves a hard target physically and matched it with an ambitious fundraising target. Hopefully you will be inspired to help through our Just Giving Page



The Fellowship


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Adventures from Land's End to John O'Groats